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And you know, with whom you will go for a drive in the project « the First channel »? «"KP" met with Wiki to learn first-hand what is actually happening between the star couple.- - Say honestly, you Yagudin herself in a chosen partners? - And how do you otnosishsya to Leshinym poklonnitsam?

» So we began to correspond and have almost made friends. When she has come on training and has understood, that will go for a drive with me at once has embraced me and has told, that dreamed of this! - - That I will skate in the pair with Leshey, I told the organizers teleproekta. But I try to listen to the Board Leshi.- A non-Coaching communicate? - At first, they had to hear that I did not come to him that we had not vapor. But we are different people with him, we have different characters.

After trainings they have often dinner together and when will leave, start to be called back. Of course, the first time, it was somehow not alone: he is Olympic champion, and I barely stand on the skaters.- - Do you before that it does not overlap? And now, on the contrary, they are sick of us and guess whether there is between us novel.- - Is there?

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