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Unfortunately, the prospective buyer is no longer interested, leaving her in quite a bind.

The then-couple have become known as the 'Body In A Suitcase' killers and were covicted of the crime.

She treats them like s*** when they are the reason Stella does have fresh food.''Stella is under control of this monster.

Whether Stella remembers spending her first 700 days in prison or not doesn't make it right! You'd think it would stop with smiling during trial or the hundreds of times I've asked her to cover the baby from the media.''She won't let Stella go to another person because she knows that anyone in their right mind wouldn't dare give her baby back if they cared about Stella…

The pair, who split after they were sentenced last year, have a 20-month-old daughter Stella, who lives with Mack in jail Mack and Schaefer's 20-month-old baby, Stella, has spent her whole life thus far living in a Bali prison with Mack.

According to prison rules, Stella can live in the prison with her mother until she is two years old'On the other hand, that evil thing has gained weight, is all laughs, drinks, and does drugs in prison.

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She does all of this while having sex with women while my daughter is next to her.

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