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3-Compare both folders to find the number of microcodes that have been updated (check ver/date), and take both (the new and old one) to a folder where the Hx D editor is.

4-Using the Hex editor, open the old microcode and copy a hex pattern (almost 5 characters).

Close the old and new microcode taps, and save the modded module; close the Hx D hex editor.8-In UEFITool replace the modded module (right click on the highlighted module=replace), the module could be see duplicated (don't worry). Is your success based solely on the file I uploaded above?

Go to menu and save the Bios, UEFITool fixes automaticaly the duplicated module and checksum.9- You did it, a modded Bios with updated AMD CPU microcodes.10- Thanks Plutomaniac for your help, and the authors of these code utilities. Meaning, only the cpu microcode is changed and nothing else (no AGESA, NVME etc).

Open the Bios with UEFITool and search (menu = search) for this hex pattern to locate the module where the microcodes are stored, and extract the module's body (right click = extract body).5-Open the extracted module (bin file) with the hex editor, then the old microcode and new microcode in separate taps.

Instead, you should replace just the cpu microcode, if possible.

Now, I'll put in this topic the steps I did to mod this Bios as a guide for updapting AMD CPU microcodes (for newbies), if more new codes appear in the future:1- We'll use three utilities: MC Extractor, UEFITool, and Hx D hex editor.2- Extract your Bios to a folder where MC Extractor is located, and extract the microcodes to a folder called AMD_old.

Find a Bios with updated microcodes (with the same socket/chipset board), and extract them to a folder called AMD.

This allows me to test different versions of CPU microcodes, and see if my CPU performs better with the new patches.

In the worst case that everything fails, I have a spare Bios chip for this board, wich is installed by a socked clip, so I simply power off the system, remove the old one, and install this spare chip to boot again.

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