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But when it comes down to the vast majority of text-driven websites and blogs, I believe that responsive design is, quite frankly, a waste of time. The first rule in usability 101 is to give the end user what they expect.

There is no worse cardinal sin in web design than confusing the end user.

But do you know what is even cheaper than responsive design? And let’s not forget the extra time it will take to produce a responsive design, and the additional complications that will be involved.There will of course be exceptions that prove the rule, but such sites usually look terrible on a desktop PC too.More often than not, a well designed desktop site will be perfectly readable on a mobile device, without you having to lift a finger to accommodate it.Whilst one can argue that this is simply bad practice, it is also common practice.An optimal (and non-responsive) solution is to use lazy loading, which is essentially a trick in which you choose to load the most resource-intensive elements last.

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