Symantec preventing windows vista from updating

From the router I can see where the router issues the ip address and the computer can be pinged.

My network has 2 wired computers via D-link gamers lounge and 2 computers are wireless, The wireless ap is a linksys wap54g.

Thank you One thing I have notices last night while trying to get the computer to browse was that from the computer that will not browse it also can not execute a ping, it just hangs after you do the command. This fix did it for me too after trying every other option mentioned on many different forums. ;) Thanks here to Solution101 and to cyrano33 on for positng this simple fix! I also didn't find the service file in the exact location mentioned so I skipped that step and it still fixed the problems connecting with browsers.

It also hangs after you do the ctrl C to cancel the ping command. Find your internet browser and click the drop down tab to select custom 5. I followed Mr thank me laters instructions and it worked temporarily but when I shut down and restarted I had the same probelm. I've pasted the original URL and the important parts below: l Had the same problem, searched the web until I found someone who had spoken with an escalated AOL helpdesk person who finally knew how to do it: Remove the following files: * C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\* C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\* C:\Program Files\Common Files\aol27593350\ee\services\ver2_0_10_16\service Reboot, and afterwards the computer will work fine. I'm the same as you - never post, but wanted to share my fix: Uninstalled IE. (possibly unnecessary) In the browser, went to Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and Reset Restart browser and GO THROUGH THE WELCOME PROCESS worked...

To finally fix this problem, go into the internet settings options, go to the connection tab, into LAN Settings and untick the proxy settings. I wound up disabling the internal wireless card on my Dell [Vostro} and installing a USB wireless adapter. I then disabled my USB adapter, enabled the internal one, and its running fine now. if I turn off wireless & use ethernet still no pages.. Dude I think I get ur prob, If u can brouse but still u know u r connected to Internet (Ex:- Either ur torrent in on or whatever) That means some this is Wrong with ur Prefered DNS or Alt DNS. Enjoy After spending most of last weekend and every night this week I believe I corrected my issue and I'll pass it along in hopes it will help someone else too.

Just browse ur Broadband Router And see what Ip u get in primary & secondary ... I ended up updating my firmware of my DSL modem (provided by Qwest).

Somewhere Norton still lives inside your computer- even if you used the uninstall from windows. ran the AVG removal tool and the 'net was back after a reboot.

The one thing that did work was removing Norton by googling "remove Norton" and installing that program.

Then I was able to d/l Malwarebytes, update the definitions and scan in safe mode.

Hello, I bought this computer about coming on two years ago, Up until about April my internet connection was fine. This found the Trojan that caused the original problem...

To at which point I had little to no ability to browse on any browser, Although other computers on my network could connect just fine. In the Black Command Box Type: netsh int ip reset c:. Restart the computer and try to log in and browse the Internet. Also get rid of Mcafee it is the WORST virus protection on the market any thing is better than that.

Which is a common ploy to get frustrated people to just up and buy their product. This'll work 99% of the time, and it's good to do even if you don't have connection problems. Prince Crew My Tech Bench.comthanks for your post, unfortunately I am unable to dowload these things onto my computer as I am unable to browse, I do not have norton, have uninstalled macafee and avg and antivira, but unable to browse on IE, and therefore am unable on my computer to download the suggested programs.

So if anyone else has a solution to this issue other than complete low level reformat and reinstall please contact me or replay. I am writing this from my wifes computer which is irritatingly working fine!

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This will clear the virus, but you may find that your internet browser wont work even if you can connect to Messenger. Cheers I had the sqame problem, the day after my 12 year old grandaughter used the puter to play her online games. I think it was a router conflict because I even reloaded XP home on a different drive and fell offline a few times. I am a veteran net surfer and PC user with my own server, web design company, and hosting service. I have symantec av 05 10.01 windows fire wall adaware spybot all that etc etc this pc worked at my mums house on cable im now living at a mates with adsl telstra.. my g/f laptop on vista can connect to it wireless.. im stuck on what to do haha it still says norton 360 in the uninstall from ages ago but it wonr go away haha any ideas? on the 20 - 23 of march when I got back online hot fixes & stuff i was without the net from december up to now.. The weird thing is I can still chat on messenger and have discovered one browser which works when all the others won't. was removed and..i'm still working on a solution to this problem. The only thing that someone told me to do is rebooting the laptop. I have Window Vista, and I'm trying to reinstaling it but something "virus", don't let me do.

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