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The sex ratio of the total population was 0.974 (974 males per 1 000 females) which is lower than global sex ratio.

The global sex ratio in the world was approximately 1 016 males to 1 000 females as of 2016.

It shows the number of years a newborn infant would live assuming that birth and death rates will remain at the same level during the whole lifetime.

Total life expectancy (both sexes) at birth for Sri Lanka is 75.7 years. According to our estimates 14,517,498 persons or 92.64% of adult population (aged 15 years and above) in Sri Lanka are able to read and write. Literacy rate for adult male population is 93.63% (7,083,644 persons). Literacy rate for adult female population is 91.71% (7,433,853 persons). Youth literacy rates are 98.36% and 99.17% for males and females accordingly. Youth literacy rate definition covers the population between the ages of 15 to 24 years.

They begged and scavenged for food, but they never could scrape together enough to beat back the hunger, until the U. "I did not even have breasts," said a girl, known as V01 - Victim No. She explained that the soldiers would pass along her number to incoming contingent members, who would then call her for sex.

This is an increase of 0.50 % (104,269 people) compared to population of 20,770,749 the year before.

Total area is the sum of land and water areas within international boundaries and coastlines of Sri Lanka.

The total area of Sri Lanka is 65,610 km We prepared a simplified model of the population distribution pyramid which is broken down into 3 main age groups.

During 2017 Sri Lanka population is projected to increased by 104,793 people and reach 20,979,811 in the beginning of 2018.

The natural increase is expected to be positive, as the number of births will exceed the number of deaths by 203,740.

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Below are the key figures for Sri Lanka population in 2016: ) as of November 2017.

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