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"We get up in the morning with them, drive them to where they need to be, help them with homework.We are all about being a family."Each girl is assigned chores."This is a unique opportunity for these girls and once they get here, they usually want to stay."The whole package The girls receive life skills training, are taught money management, study skills, resume building and career counseling.Tutoring is provided if needed."We do for our girls what parents would do," Wiese said."We are looking for smart, bright, motivated girls who perhaps have some social or environmental issues and we feel could have more success being out of their home."It is a long process before we accept a girl into our program," he added."We do interviews and obtain their social history, find out what life has been like for them to that point.

Everyone has to be on board, including the residents."Wiese said Girls Hope often is recommended by school counselors, although parents or guardians or sometimes the girls themselves approach the organization for help."We have a waiting list," he said.

We get their school records and transcripts and make certain that they have a high probability of succeeding here.

We definitely don't want to set them up to fail."Wiese said that family involvement is encouraged, as long as the environment would not be detrimental."We make every effort to ensure that the parents or guardians remain a part of these girls' lives," he said.

Now 24, Swoager also has become an ambassador for the organization to which she says she owes everything."I've wondered many times where I would be right now if it weren't for Girls Hope," she said.

"It was the biggest blessing that ever happened to me.

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