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We dated for 12 months and now live together......really a lovely experience. I do have a good memory and guess what so many familiar faces especially the better looking ones probably cupids planted by site or may be they just go from man to man for the fun and excitement of the chase........?????????had the same experience as others - within two days of paying for a year's VIP membership my account disappeared.

For some reason, they took offence to me using Tor Browser.

I'll post updates as (if) they become available. Difficult to tell who people really are because rsvp censor profiles.

I wrote the word aural, as in relating to the ear or the sense of hearing.

Based on my experience, I would strongly recommend that people NOT join au. It scammed people early on and was sold once or maybe twice. She had a Russian name and very ordinary english so 'she' was suspicious from the beginning.

I'm a paying customer and I'm felling like they've scammed me.

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