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C., filed October 27, 2005) shall be consolidated pursuant to Rule 42(a) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure for purposes of proceedings under the APPA and assigned to: _________________________, United States District Judge. A motion to consolidate cases pending in the Chancery Division shall be heard by the Presiding Judge of the Division.RULE 3.3 CONSOLIDATION OF CASES (a) Cases Tried Together.If two or more cases have been tried together or consolidated for trial, the cases are consolidated for the purpose of review unless the appellate court otherwise directs. The appellate court, on its own initiative or on motion of a party, may order the consolidation of cases or the separation of cases for the purpose of review.Director Lightner had previously approved a Settlement Agreement agreed to by the Union in which the Union agreed to take certain actions to remedy the unfair labor practices alleged in a prior Complaint.


(i) Cases consolidated pursuant to subparagraph (a) above shall be assigned to the calendar to which the case with the lowest docket number was assigned. A motion to consolidate a case pending in the Chancery Division with a case pending in any other Division or District of the Circuit Court of Cook County shall be heard pursuant to General Order 12 of the Circuit Court of Cook County.

(a) When actions involving a common question of law or fact are pending before the court, it may order a joint hearing or trial of any or all the matters in issue in the actions; it may order all the actions consolidated and it may make such orders concerning proceedings therein as may tend to avoid unnecessary costs or delay.

(c) Order An order granting or denying all or part of a motion to consolidate must be filed in each case sought to be consolidated.

(d) Caption and case number All documents filed in the consolidated case must include the caption and case number of the lead case, followed by the case numbers of all of the other consolidated cases.

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(b) The court, in furtherance of convenience or to avoid prejudice, or when separate trials will be conducive to expedition and economy, may order a separate trial of any cause of action, including a cause of action asserted in a cross-complaint, or of any separate issue or of any number of causes of action or issues, preserving the right of trial by jury required by the Constitution or a statute of this state or of the United States.

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