Indian girls dating american guys

He would either persuade her till she blocks him on social media, or follow her till she changes her route.Thanks to Bollywood, they think stalking her, intruding her private space, forcing her into something is how it’s done.They find it hard to come to terms with the fact that their girlfriends can be more ambitious, stronger, more successful and famous or earn more than them.The ‘male ego’ is a brittle little thing, it’s true.Sending creepy messages on Facebook is a very common affair.

It was okay to crush on a girl, even discuss her with other male friends, but ‘against the gender’ to walk up to her and just talk.Finally, if she doesn’t agree, he would slut shame her.She’s a woman and women are supposed to be around for men to seek pleasure. What’s worse is that these same men who seek their friends’ help to hook up with hot girls at parties, would never even allow a guy near their own sisters.Becoming friends with other guys came naturally, but even making eye contact with a new girl was ‘weird’. And that one guy who hung out with girls at school was laughed at as a kid, even bullied.He was reminded, time and again, that boys weren’t ‘supposed’ to talk to girls; that a boy would only be around a girl if he wanted to date her.

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