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Some of them could be the type of thing we're after: 1. (from link: Tute has delivered online learning solutions to over 400 schools in the UK, 350,000 students and has delivered 15,000 hours of lessons. (getting kids together in REAL time) These are just wild guesses - I like the idea of owning ADVENTURE holidays - its like the missing link to home school education (making rounded kids) These are just wild guesses - probably a million miles away from the truth..looks like the medium term plan is to break into the FTSE 250/ 350 via organic growth and acquisitions.

Partners in learning include BT, Durham University, Shireland Collegiate Academy and Achievement for All). If we are going for blitzkrieg growth we will be buying many of these companies on our path up to being the ONLY UK based publicly quoted education company in the FTSE 100. GLA, looking forward to hearing what the acquisition is.

David expands on the fundraising, explains why the price was discounted and no open offer, what the funds will be used for, further areas of marketing, the types of marketing we can expect and what other news we can expect in the coming months.But the trend, as with WEY, is still definitely positive and hopefully the share price has a bit more to come short term. However i hold LTG but not sure how long its market cap in the hundreds of millions can be justified.Ride the wave but be prepared to react quickly (something I didn't do in the last AIM bubble) when the tide turns, as it will as the realities of Brexit loom ever closer.BUT its done and we need to focus on what the company has planned.This acquisition, if it goes ahead, should open up access to contacts for WEY into the B2B with local authorities so this could be the breakthrough that they need. You now have the well regarded Leon Boros as a shareholder too.

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