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The "Decree and Directory for Masses with Children" published by the Holy See in 1973 speaks of this topic in Nos.

18)" and "If the number of children is large, it may at times be suitable to plan the Mass so that it corresponds more closely to the needs of the children.

First of all, we usually are dealing with children who are not yet obliged to assist at the Eucharistic celebration, and the special Liturgy of the Word is more resonant of catechesis which prepares them for full participation later and opens them to the treasures of Scripture.

Second, and I would say decisively, this practice is legitimate because it is actually foreseen in the liturgical norms.

The lack of solemnity effectively means that after Midnight Good Friday has begun, attention should be turned toward the Lord's Passion.

Therefore, public prayers should not be organized at the altar of repose after this time and in some places the number of lighted candles is reduced.

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