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Coming right on the heels of the admission about his break up with now ex-girlfriend LJ Reyes, the ever-shy Paulo Avelino, much to the viewer’s surprise, revealed that he is actually seeing someone new at the moment and that someone is none other than KC Concepcion.

gets on the ladder of the escape helicopter, but Brett stays behind explaining he's not "the good guy" she thinks he is. is first given the assignment to work with Brett, she clearly shows she is attracted to him. They regularly argue throughout their first mission, with Brett calling K. "babe" at every chance he gets despite her constantly telling him not to. C.'s feelings for Brett change after he saves her during their first mission together, which ends with K. While KC’s last relationship was with actor Piolo Pascual but he was last wooed by French director Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart. and Brett is the romantic/friendship relationship pairing between K. Three weeks ago, the former Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala star hogged headlines and shocked the Netizens after posting a collage of photos seemingly having a good time with NBA player Chandler Parsons on her Instagram account.Recall that Paulo was in a relationship for almost four years with LJ, with whom she had a son named Ethan Akio.

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develops real romantic feelings for Brett after he saves her during the mission, but Brett becomes interested in Marisa and they begin dating.

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