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For all their staying power in the hearts and on the fingers of jewelry lovers throughout history, moonstones are rather delicate.

They are a relatively soft stone and porous, so care should be taken while wearing, storing, and cleaning.

Mary Ann is an expert on Selro jewelry, and also Florenza jewelry and the history of Dan Kasoff Inc.

She has presented on vintage jewelry topics in several venues, including CJCI Annual Convention, Bead Society of Greater Chicago, Chicago Botanic Garden, and 7557 VFCJ Vintage Jewelry Cruise.

Visible light diffraction occurs when a traveling light wave meets an obstacle and bends to find an outlet, a common occurrence in many gemstones, but the defining characteristic of high grade moonstones.

In fact, the cut, setting, and ultimate value of a moonstone piece is largely dependent on showcasing this effect.

When moonstones are not the main character in a piece, you’ll often see them in faceted cuts to provide accent to another gemstone, otherwise their hypnotic blue luster might just steal the show!

Antique jewelry is jewelry that is one hundred years old or older than today 8767 s date.

(Yes, this means the definition is a moving target!

Mary Ann Docktor-Smith is a vintage jewelry collector, historian and dealer.

She also creates artisan jewelry using vintage and natural stone beads, polymer clay and cork.

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The civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome were particularly fond of the stone, and began to incorporate it into their jewelry, showcasing the beauty of what they believed to be frozen or solidified moonlight.

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