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Still, it’s not all in favour of the men – a Chinese guy will still try to treat his woman to meals and outings.Biggest Shocker: For those too busy to look for a date in some Chinese cities, they can get handwritten ads clipped up in public areas like parks – by their grandparents.“As a general rule, dating in France barely exists,” says Lindsey T., an American who lives in Paris and is married to a Frenchman.“From the moment you express interest in one another and kiss, it can be assumed you’re in a relationship.” Girls who complain about the fade-away will be happy to know that it doesn’t happen much in France.Dating Difference: The French seem to have perfected the art of “non-dating” dating.You meet people and date in groups, not one-on-one.While the man may be a bit docile and accommodating to the woman while dating, the woman slips into a traditional subservient role once the deal is closed.

Chris Walker-Bush, an Australian who spent time teaching English in Korea, writes on his blog Aussie on the Road that it’s common to see Korean men carry around their girlfriend’s purse while out shopping, but that’s not likely to continue into marriage.This means even if you’re just trying to be friendly, a Frenchman might take it as an invitation to get in your pants.Dating Difference: The “no worries” mindset that applies to many things in the Land Down Under has extended to dating.Nearly 60 percent of the population here is younger than 30, and the new mindset is that it’s smart to sample the goods before buying.Biggest Shocker: Some may appreciate the cut-and-dry nature of online dating in Iran.

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Since most Koreans are well into their university years when they start dating, there are love hotels where they can go to get some privacy, reports the blog Eat Your

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