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Enjoy lunch with a sandwich prepared with home-made bread and for the sweet tooth, the Molten Chocolate Cake and Classic Bread Pudding.

Exotic Pakistani flavors for the traditional Desi palette will be introduced in the coming months.

A selection of unique and refreshing mocktails is also offered. Zubeda Tariq and her son Hussain Tariq behind the recipes at Cafe Blue Ginger, one can expect exceptionally tasty and creative dishes. Zubeda Tariq, a household name today, forayed into the gourmet field almost 20 years ago.

She initially started with an advisory service attached with a multinational company where she provided free of charge consultation and recipes to the harried housewives and young entrants in the kitchen.

The colonial ambiance represents the owner's fondness of art and creates a unique ambiance that can appreciated by all.

She has published three recipe books and her much desired book on cooking tips which is now out on the market.

Hussein Tariq also has a special interest in gourmet cuisine and has been demonstrating his talents on a widely popular cooking shows on Zaiqa TV for the last ten months.

From the entire faade to the every nook and corner, the entire restaurant has been artistically designed by Hussain under his company logo at home.

In addition, Cafe Blue Ginger can accommodate up to 50 people and has been equipped with ionizers for a smoke-free, purified area, which provides a more healthful environment even in the smoking areas.

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The ingredients for all dishes are top quality with minimum use of nonessential ingredients, thus bringing out the distinct flavor of each essential ingredient.

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