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Here's a simple example: The above example uses an echo function. That new function was introduced in 612 and as such it will parse PHP code.

Comapre that to the typical ECHO function: function get Block Code_Echo( $i Block ID, $s Content ) Notice the ECHO function does not have the ob_start(), eval() or the ob_get_clean() function.

Just add you PHP code in the Content field and save.You have to make an entry in the Page Compose table and you have to add your PHP via php My Admin.This shouln't be too hard as it's a lot easier now than before. There's a few additional code that I had to write, but it's the same concept. Well take a look at this: function get Block Code_PHP( $i Block ID, $s Content ) The function can be found in the Bx Dol Page file located in inc/classes.If we created a custom function called get Block Code_TEST, then we would need a corresponding Func value in the Page Compose table of "TEST".This is how the function matches up with the value that is found the database.

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Se refresca la página en el script de javascript (en este caso index.php), porque sino la cookie no la agarra PHP.

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