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Since day one of his candidacy, Donald Trump has made it clear that he isn't one for niceties.And true to form, rather than waiting to accompany Melania as he exited the car at the White House last week to greet the Obama's, he left her for dust and shot up the steps alone.They encourage him to take out Elaine Robinson (obviously having no idea that Ben has been spending his nights having an affair with Elaine’s mother), who is visiting from Berkeley.Ben resists, but finally gives in and takes her out, just to get the parents off his back.However, last week, Trump appeared so keen to meet Barack and Michelle Obama, that he dispensed with the pleasantries and left Melania and her Tiffany box at the curb.

When Ben apologizes to Elaine (and kisses her) after the strip club incident, she is open minded enough to go with him for a meal, and accept another date for the next day.

In contrast, President Obama's appreciation and respect for his wife was evident throughout his presidency.

During his final speech, he was moved to tears thanking her for her role during his eight years in the Oval office.

Typically the incoming president will take the First Lady's hand and guide her up the steps as the two shake hands with the former president and first lady in a customary show of peaceful transition of power.

The stiff body language between Melania and Donald has prompted many to wonder about their relationship.

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