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A good conversationalist will answer your question and elaborate a little, giving you bread crumbs to follow up with a second question if he doesn’t automatically reciprocate. Listen to his response, and ask him whatever natural follow-up you might be curious about.Once you get past preliminaries, pick any question that might help you find out something you want to know about him. Hopefully, your date will ask you a few questions in return.Before discussing some good questions to ask on a first date, I wanted to offer several tips on first date conversations in general.

So, if it’s up to me to get the conversation going, I’ll head in either of those directions. Once you hit on a topic that gets your date going, don’t put on the brakes just because you are anxious that you’re not covering enough ground.

But stressing about all the information boxes you need to check by the end of the date is a recipe for disaster.

The only thing you need to know about this guy after the first date is whether you want to go on a second one.

Don’t head into a first date feeling the pressure to “make” conversation or find out if he is the one.

They say that you meet your future spouse “when you least expect it.” Maybe this just means that when you stop worrying about asking the right questions, you might find yourself having a really great time .

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I don’t love to talk about my college experience on a first date, so I never lead with, “Where did you study for undergrad? It can be really fun to spend time on one subject, and my bet is that you will learn more about what makes him tick from this one topic than if you were to squeeze in all of your “Top Ten Make It or Break It” questions.

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