Chat with a live girl bot

A live chat is an online customer service software with live support.

Companies use this as a single point of contact to manage all their customer service and their online sales activities.

The chatbot or also known as a uses the FAQ to answer questions.

Customers can ask limited questions to the chatbot, which will then search for the answer.

You will need less employees to answer to all the questions. A chatbot works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.· It has a way faster response time, companies spend a lot of time on the improvement of the response time to their customers. Disadvantages of the chatbot· Chatbots only work if customers ask specific questions and there aren’t any misspelled words in the sentence.

The bot will not know what a customer wants if the question is not specific enough.· Customers can miss the contact they receive with a human.

Similar to human reasoning, it basically works by searching for the meaning of the sentences, and not just seeking for specific keywords.

I will cover up the intelligent chatbot later, right now we are focusing on the normal chatbot.

There are many different kind of chatbots, they can be integrated in: Facebook Messenger, your website, Slack, Telegram, etc.

Natural language processing(NLP) is a field of artificial intelligence, computational linguistics and computer science concerned with the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages.

NLP is related to the area of human-computer interactions.

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It enables a computer to understand the real meaning of human language.

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