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Standard disclaimer, I put this list together from various calls with TAC asking for documentation and clarification on the process for each application and what to expect.I'm already using a TFTP server and I don't want the complexity of a second forwarding host.I exported a copy of my DNS to text and used a psexec against the a file containing the IP addresses of my deleted systems to reregister the DNS.On Cisco router a protocol called Dynamic DNS (ddns) can be configured to upgrade DNS entry on remote DNS Server when an IP address changes.

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This behavior changed between XP and Vista so that this doesn't occur by default.

To configure this behavior a group policy with the following settings will do it.

So enough background and onto the process – which is pretty straightforward considering it’s voice stuffs.

The CUCM and Unity Connection (UNCX) teams at some point decided this whole invalidating-the-licenses-for-minor-changes deal was a suckfest, at least I’m assuming that was their thought process, so with version 9.x, changing primary DNS server ip address for CUCM and UNCX servers doesn’t upset the license mac gods.

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Due to a limitation in Cisco / Windows integration there isn't a ready way (assuming the use of secure update zones in your DNS server) to have this function directly from the Cisco side.

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