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And from that cached AST value, we may also store cached calculations made from that AST or even transformed special use ASTs (for example, like using node-falafel, doctrine and rho-higher-order-contracts to do real-time type checking in javascript).

If you have a decent generalized russian doll caching system underneath, it should be easy to explore additional expensive operations that most developers wouldn't tolerate without aggressive caching.

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In practice, when being sued for patent infringement, it is almost a standard strategic response by an alleged infringer to file an invalidation request with the PRB and to request for a stay of proceedings by the court.

Three types of patent are provided for under the Chinese Patent Law: a.

Patent invalidation proceedings are provided for and governed by Articles 45-47 of the Law and Rules 58-71 of the Implementation Regulations to the Patent Law, both of which came into effect in 2001.

I have a lot of values I want to cache and there is a dependency relationship between cached values.

For example, when I cache value A, I then take that value and cache values B, C, and D, which may or may not be on the same "table" (i.e. Later, if the value of A changes I want to be able to be at the very least about to invalidate B, C, and D and suffer cache misses next time B, C and D are requested, or better yet able to update the values of B, C and D based on the new value of A. I'd like to be able to set up a tree describing the relationships between values and the getters to use to update the values.

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So I was talking with dominictarr over twitter and on some github issues about a problem I'm trying to solve and he suggested that the best place to discuss it is over here in the levelup repo issues (even though it's not really an issue with the library itself).

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If you know that a specific key under the old shasum is still valid, you could always copy that old value to the same key with the new shasum. The next question is then whether it makes sense to use shasums or timestamps.

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