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Once you step in, just the process of trying identifies you to people in the community as a type similar to themselves.” Tai, an angel investor to numerous startups in Silicon Valley, invited Mouldovan to Mai Tai, a series of kiteboarding events for tech execs, startup founders, and venture capitalists that he started seven years ago with professional kiteboarder Susi Mai.

“The same minds that want to apply technology to solve all kinds of technical and life problems are attracted to this sport,” says Tai. estimated the total net worth of individuals on a recent Mai Tai trip in Hawaii at billion in market value.

Jessica Shambora, a marketing communications manager at Facebook who’s raced in five half-Ironmans, said she will occasionally wear exercise attire to work so she can squeeze in a session later.

Alex Mouldovan, a 42-year-old entrepreneur, took up the sport last summer.

Free gym memberships and yoga classes are standard HR perks; Twitter and Linked In, for instance, recently built Cross Fit gyms inside their headquarters.

Google has a bike repair shop at its Mountain View campus (as well as rock-climbing walls and swim-in-place pools). The dressed-down office culture inside most tech companies means every day can be casual Friday.

The former CEO of Shutterfly and the inventor of Google Maps were among those sitting in the room who loved it.

Within months, with help from the Mai Tai network, Perkins’ startup, Canva, acquired million. In May 2011, while snapping photos of pro kiteboarders in Maui, 32-year-old entrepreneur Matt Brezina wondered why he couldn’t send postcards from his i Phone.

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Seven months later, Postagram, the company he went on to launch after the trip, had 30,000 users.

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