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For the record, according to the authors of the 1959 discovery, they never found, nor alleged to have found, HIV, or anything like a full virus. 279-280 and 284 of Project Report #8, of 1971; for additional documentation on hepatitis and herpes experimentation in Uganda before 1971 see: Higginson J and Muir CS. (NIH 71-2025) Investigations of viral carcinogenesis in primates. Mc Allister, Gardiner, and Huebner having isolated the cat-human hybrid oncornavirus, RD-114, from a human sarcoma as early as 1971.

They speculated the zoonosis might have occurred considerably earlier than the late 1940s. Office of the Associate Scientific Director for Viral Oncology (OASDVO).

Obviously, this account is irrelevant to the extraordinary synchrony in the 1970s of ten or more distinguishable epidemics discovered by Myers et al. Current understanding of hepatitis B virus infection and its implications for immunoprophylaxis.

As if repeating false assumptions would alter historic and scientific facts, many contemporary investigators, like those representing AIs HIV/AIDS Task Force, continue to imply the SIV to HIV zoonosis occurred on or before 1959. In: Antiviral Mechanisms: Perspectives in Virology IX.

Many natural evolution theory evangelists continue to cite the now disproven cut hunter theory to explain the origin of the pandemic. VI; 363-367; relevant general discussion can be found on pp.375-379; See also: Krugman S, Giles JP, Hammond J. Viral hepatitis, type B (MS-2 strain): Studies on active immunization. Viral hepatitis, type B (MS-2 strain); further observations on natural history and prevention.

Reflecting on Zhu et als position, however, they simply concluded that the major-group viruses that dominate the global AIDS pandemic at present shared a common ancestor in the 1940s or the early 1950s. Hepatitis virus: effect of health on the infectivity and antigenicity of the MS-1 and MS-2 strains. New England Journal of Medicine 1973;25-60; and Krugman S, Overby LR, Mushahwar IK, Ling C-M, Forsner GG and Deinhardt F.

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Currently, international scientific consensus among leading investigators in this field, many of whose works and words are excerpted below, holds that HIV/AIDS originated from one or more extraordinary man-made, not natural, events dating back to the early to mid-1970s. These funds, the Task Force reported, were urgently needed to buy drug-cocktails for persons with HIV/AIDS.

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