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S.);; [Monmouth, Or.] : Northwest Outreach Center, Western Oregon University ; [Washington, DC] : U. Schwarz Foreign language study is an increasingly prominent part of education everywhere.He quickly dismissed lack of effort, seeing that most of these students were putting other courses and their degrees at major risk by devoting unusual amounts of time and effort to their language classes.Similarly, lack of motivation was not a cause, as these students could not graduate without completion of their language requirement.Teachers of ESL students have also recognized that there are students who have great difficulty mastering English because of learning disabilities.This fact has added some urgency to the need for recognition of this problem.The third part of the group, he felt, had a "language learning disability," though Dinklage could not find the usual evidence of problems in testing.

Leonore Ganschow of the University of Miami, Ohio, and Richard Sparks of Mt. Joseph's College, both college psychologists who had numerous students referred to them because of problems in foreign language classes, began in the 1980's to look more closely at Dinklage's observations.

And of course, it's more common than not that colleges and universities require foreign language study for graduation.

For the student unencumbered by a learning disability, foreign language study is indeed an enriching and rewarding experience.

First, a variety of reasons for making sure that students with hearing impairments are not excluded from foreign languages are covered, including the need for improving attitudes toward language learning, improving English skills, and encouraging a heightened understanding of different cultures.

Finally, the module lists resources that will benefit instructors, interpreters, and students, including videos, cd-rom materials, and agencies providing support in multicultural settings. Foreign language instruction : tips for accommodating hard-of-hearing and deaf students./Educational Resources Information Center (U.

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