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There are many narcissists who are charming and seductive, graced with a worldly manner, yet who cannot not keep his or her hands off other women or men.

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(For fun let’s assume Valmiki being a prescient sage knew that secularists, communists, India haters, British invaders and Macaulayites would exist in the future and try to run down his historical opus.) He packed so much information about the various planetary positions of those days, the geography of the areas mentioned in the epic, the seasonal events, and about the genealogy of various kings that modern astronomers and scientists can have a crack at the dates on which those events occurred. Haran, “In no other nation and no other religion in the world, true history is so meticulously documented, supported by umpteen evidences.

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Kissing or rubbing against the infected area are common examples of how the virus particles can be transferred. Cold sores are considered to be most contagious when the blisters have burst open and have begun to weep fluid.

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“It was extremely stressful and I eventually stopped trying to make girlfriends.” Another added, “I have to be careful about going out drinking with male friends.

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He is soon overwhelmed by the responsibility of being the father of teenage daughters and misses being a sports writer.

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This section will introduce two alternative methods for calculating average ages, and the next section will add a third.